Things that you can’t miss in Barcelona

I have been fortunate enough to visit Barcelona on several occasions, it’s such a magical place I just can’t get enough of it! Not only is the weather great, food delicious and people friendly but it also has so many things to see and do there. It really is very difficult to get bored in Barcelona.


The first thing that you have to do is sort out your travel and accommodation, you can find some great deals out there for flight if you look hard enough. For accommodation the good news is that HCC Open in Barcelona you will be able to find some amazing hotels at great rates, it’s such a great site and it offers all of us some affordable accommodation in one of the world’s best cities. So once you’ve got your travel and bed sorted it’s time to plan what you are going to see and do!

Here are my two favourite things to do in Barcelona, I know they may not be the most ‘touristy’ things in the world but trust me when I say that they are definitely worth doing!

Hit the beach

That’s right! It might be a city but there are some fantastic beaches just waiting for you to relax on. So grab a beer, pack a picnic and head to the beck for a day of lazing around and doing very very little! Barceloneta is probably the most popular beach in town, it can get crowded so head there early. You can sip on Mojitos, dance to the loud reggae music that is being pumped out and admire the beautiful people of Barcelona strut their stuff.

Head for the roof

You cannot go to Barcelona and not check out one of the rooftops, of which there are many, that will give you amazing views of the city. You can usually find them on top of some of the most luxurious hotels. Now, they do like to try and keep the bars only for their guests but if you’re nice enough and dressed well then you won’t have any issue at all. If you’re with a big group of guys or are a little loud then I am sorry but you have no chance at all! These rooftops are there to relax, watch the sunset and marvel at Barcelona in all its glory.

Best Places to Visit in Israel

Israel is one of the most culturally and historically rich places in the world, a fascinating destination to visit on your holiday. It’s a perfect destination for anyone interested in a variety of cultural and adventurous activities on their trip. With so many incredible things to see and do here, it can be hard to choose how to spend your days here, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the places you absolutely can’t miss!



While you’re in Israel, you cannot miss the chance to visit one of the most sacred cities in the world to three different major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Marvel at the ancient sites here encircled by stone walls that will bring you back to biblical times. The ancient holy relics here include the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall.

The Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is so salty that nothing can live here, at 10 times saltier than the ocean! Go for a swim in the Dead Sea and see how you can float effortlessly here. The water is so mineral-rich that it’s great for your skin, but watch out for getting the salty water in your eyes!

Tel Aviv

For a modern city experience, Tel Aviv is the place to visit in Israel. It’s the country’s cultural and commercial center with everything from buzzing nightlife to museums, international restaurants, beaches and so much more. It’s an exciting city with so much to offer so make sure to give yourself a few days to explore!


This seaside resort town on the Red Sea is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking for a great summer holiday on the water. You can participate in all sorts of activities here like snorkeling, scuba diving, and even swimming with dolphins. Eilat hotels in Israel are luxurious and will help create a perfect experience for your holiday. Enjoy world-class dining and spa treatments while gazing out over the gorgeous scenery and beaches.


In the southeast of Israel stands this majestic mountain fortress overlooking the famous Dead Sea. It’s got a fascinating history which you can learn when you visit, and find some unforgettable photo opportunities here as well. Walk up the Snake Path to visit the fortress for an adventurous and scenic hike.

6 Reasons Why You Should Immigrate To Canada

Ever since 1994, Canada has topped the list of best countries in the world to live in! Cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary were voted 3rd, 4th and 5th best to live in by the Economist Intelligence Units report in 2012.


It’s rumoured that about 250,000 people per year are moving to Canada in search of a better life.

Why move to Canada you may say? Well here are a few reasons:

1. Voted the best country to live in, as stated above.

2. It has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, with the average expectancy of 79 years.

3. Canada has one of the cleanest environments on the planet. This is a pretty amazing fact, considering it is the second largest country in the world and has a population of over 30 million. Some of the purest water, natural resources and air in the world can be found there.

4. It’s health care system is without a doubt one of the best. A monthly fee will allow all Canadians to have access to the best medical care possible. Permanent residents will also have this option.

5. Canada has an amazing educational system that is free until 12th grade.

6. Cultural diversity in Canada is like no other country on earth. The country embraces people of all nationalities to come a live there. Because of this, it has a very multicultural society in which Canadians are very proud of.

This has meant that there are equal business, political and academic opportunities for anyone that has a permanent residency there.

Asians have played a massive role in developing and shaping Canada over the years. They have actually been established there for more than 100 years. Outside of Asia, two of the largest Asian communities can be found in Toronto and Vancouver. It’s very common to spot plenty of Chinese newspapers as well as Chinese television channels there.

With the recession not letting go of it’s stranglehold for the majority of countries around the world, more and more families are uprooting and setting sail for Canada.

In countries like Ireland, the focus is slightly shifting away from immigrating to Australian, and more so towards Canada.

To sum up, if you want to live in arguably the best country in the world for a variety of reasons, then Canada is the best option for you and your families future.

Gambling through Paddy Power Mobile Casino

Playing cards and table games is more than just a means of earning a little money on the side. It is a hobby. Most people play these games to unwind and relax after a busy day at work or after a long, hard meeting. By playing these games, they get to think of other things other than work and responsibilities. This way, when they go back to work, their minds are completely rested and they can concentrate and work properly. Other people use them as pass time activities. You know, instead of watching TV to pass time, they pay card and table games. It helps keep the brain active thus making those fast thinkers as opposed to staring at a TVInitially, people used to go to casinos to play these games. Alternatively, one would buy the game and play it in their houses. The only problem with this is that you would have to call your friends over just so you can play. With the development of technology, most casino owners have come up with online branches of their casinos.

This allows lovers of the games they offer to play at the time of their convenience. They can play from anywhere; bathroom, work at the beach?. The beauty of these online games is that you do not have to move an inch to enjoy your favorite game; all you have to do is connect to the internet.

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By playing your games at paddy power mobile casino, you are able to play your games without attracting outside attention to yourself. Playing card and table games just got easier. Play card and table games on the move with Paddy Power mobile casino, you will never want to stop.

Top 5 Attractions in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a great travel destination. Besides being the ultimate casino and hotel destination on the east coast, the shore has many other entertainment and leisure activities.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.54.04 AM

Hotel casino and resorts

Atlantic City is home to some of the most famous hotels and resort names, such as the Golden Nugget and Harrah’s Resort. These resorts have marvelous casinos, making Atlantic City the ultimate casino destination, on the East Coast. These resorts are known for wonderful hospitality.

1. Golden Nugget

Try out the Golden Nugget, known for its stunning suites. The Golden Nugget also has five distinguished restaurants. Cuisine ranges from traditional American fare to Italian cuisine. There is also the 24-hour operational Bean & Bread shop packed with scrumptious snacks, brewed coffee, salads, bagels, pastries, and fresh fruit. Personally, my favorite attraction is the Farley State Marina and its water activities and traditional dock amenities, 630 floating ships, and access to the pool and bar. Finally, end your day by attending a live show at one of two entertainment venues, The Grand or The Showroom.

2. Harrah’s

Harrah’s is known for some unique activities. I enjoyed taking a cooking at the Viking Cooking School. It was great to take a break from lounging around the hotel and learn something new! The Viking Cooking School combines hands-on teaching with a “gourmet toy store” filled with fine culinary tools. You can attend a class alone or with some friends. You can also shop for cookware and cutlery at the retail store, and enjoy 25 wines all under $25. Then head down to the pool for some relaxation. On Thursday the pool hosts the Thursday Night Swim which runs from 18:00 till midnight. I recommend you grab a bite to eat that pool bar, because they have delicious snacks and meals. If you want to get into shape, attend an Aquatic Aerobics class. If a trip to Atlantic City is not in your budget at the moment, you can gamble online. New players receive a first deposit bonus at Euro Palace Casino.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is a 4 mile long seaside promenade. It was the first boardwalk to be built in the United States and it was opened in 1870. In 2012 the northern part of the Boardwalk fronting Absecon Inlet was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Some famous shopping destinations are located in this vicinity, including The Pier Shops at Caesars.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum

I was eager to visit the museum that inspired the hit TV show. The Museum consists of 14 galleries and 12 000 square feet of exhibit collected by traveler Robert Ripley.

Atlantic City Nightlife

Atlantic City is also famous for spectacular night time entertainment. From, stylish restaurants to trendy bars and Salsa dancing, the choice is endless! The Quarter at Tropicana Casino & Resort offers great night entertainment, including sports bars and live music. Also head down to one of the seasonal beach bars, such as the Beach Bar at Trump Plaza or Bally’s Atlantic City Bikini Beach Bar.


Atlantic City has daily sightseeing cruises. I think this is a different and fun way to do some sightseeing. There are different cruises to choose from, including the dolphin Watching Adventure, Happy Hour Cruises, and private parties.

Royal Vegas – The Top Down Under Online Casino

There are many choices you can make when deciding on an online casino, especially when you are traveling. One problem is whether the casino can be accessed from your location. From the available choices, you want to be sure that you have a high quality, dependable, and secure casino to play at. In that list will be Royal Vegas, one of the top online casinos Australia has to offer.

With a number of table games, slot machines, and one of the best and most exciting progressive play game rooms on the Internet, there is enough variety and excitement for any player anywhere around the world. But instead of a boring site that is just a copy of other online casinos, Royal Vegas offers weekly prize drawings where you can win everything from a iPod to a 7 day Caribbean cruise aboard a luxury liner. Even better than that is your chances for the best prize increase the more you play. That gives the player the opportunity to win in more than one way.

Royal Vegas has the expected new player and first time deposit bonuses, and a VIP Club for its loyal players. These are expected features in the best online casinos. What Royal Vegas beyond the expected is a licensed and regulated casino which uses one of the premier developers of online casino games – Microgaming. All of our games are guaranteed to be virus-free, adding to the level of safety and security provided to the players.

If you are ready to play immediately, you can start by using their Flash-based casino games. Simply open up an account, make your first deposit, and you are ready to play. But don’t forget to also collect your new player and first deposit bonus money. Whether you are using a mobile device or playing at home, the casino action and entertainment is waiting for you to enjoy. It is important to note that the progressive jackpot games are not available unless the player downloads the software on to their computer.

Choose Royal Vegas because it is the safest, most secure, and most exciting online casino. Not only do you get rewarded for simply playing and enjoying your stay, you also have the chance to win one of many great prizes. And you may find yourself traveling to a Caribbean port, or becoming a winner of many other prizes just by playing.

Best Things to Do in Cyprus

You might not find Cyprus at the top of more western Europe itineraries, and this is because it’s a destination a bit more off the beaten track. So for travelers looking for a unique experience, it’s the perfect place to visit. Cyprus is an island nation in the Mediterranean, a great stop if you’re already visiting Italy or Greece. But it offers its own unique flair, and is definitely worthy of more than just a few days stop-off if you have the time. With fascinating ruins, gorgeous coastlines and incredible food and wines, you’ll enjoy a luxurious vacation with plenty to see and do in Cyprus. The range of holidays available is nearly endless, so take advantage! Check out our list of things to do here:


Gorgeous natural landscapes

Cyprus is one place that nature lovers will absolutely adore. Here you’ll find the Caledonia Falls located in the Troodos Mountains, a breathtaking waterfall that is best to visit in the springtime when the water runs the fullest. It’s a great visit for anyone who loves hiking and outdoor activities. For the more laid back types, chill out at Chrysochou Bay and gaze out at turquoise waters all day long. The beaches here have some great cafes and even a forest of eucalyptus trees right nearby.

Check out the sights

In Cyprus you’ll find not only stunning beaches and natural scenery, but an abundance of interesting cultural sites as well. Explore the ruins at Kourion and marvel at the ancient Roman stadium and the gladiator fights that once occured there. Experience the Temple of Apollo and even visit the houses where some of the gladiators lived. Then, go for an afternoon tour of the winery and brewery at Limossol. You can taste some great wines and brews on Cyprus and even see how they’re made here.

Eating and nightlife

Since Cyprus is right in the Mediterranean, you’ll have the chance to eat some incredible seafood here. Try moussake or meze, two local specialties with a Greek influence, at a beachside restaurant overlooking the water. You can sit on a terrace sipping wine and enjoying the local specialties while watching the sun set. Later, if you’re up for it, check out the night life in Agia Napa, which is laid back yet lively for a diverse crowd. It attracts many young people but is welcoming to all, and is also a place with some great beaches for the daytime.

Amazing Weekend for Two to Geneva

Dreaming of a sophisticated and elegant destination with plenty of things to see and do for both city and nature lovers? Geneva, Switzerland is a gorgeous destination packed with everything you could imagine to make your holiday unforgettable. Check out this video of people asked to cycle hard enough to give power to a miniature version of the Jet d’eau – the people who powered it for the longest time won an incredible and action-packed Amazing Weekend for two to Geneva! And you can win too, so check out the video then make sure to read up on all the amazing things you can do in Geneva on this incredible trip!


Swiss chocolate making

Are you a chocoholic? Chances are, you’ll be in paradise on holiday in Geneva. This is home to some of the world’s finest chocolate, and the best part is that you see how it’s actually made. You can have a chance to visit one of the Swiss chocolate factories, learn about what makes Swiss chocolate so special, and sample different types yourself. It’s an incredible opportunity while in Switzerland, so don’t miss out- and don’t forget to bring home some chocolate for your loved ones back home!

Water sports

Lake Geneva is one of the most gorgeous places in Switzerland to enjoy any number of water sports. Depending on what you prefer, you’ll find so many ways to spend a sunny day on the water here. You can go on a sailing trip, try water-skiing or just enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the lake. Or rent a boat and have a day out with a picnic on the water. The possibilities are endless, so kick back and relax by the water during your holiday.

Fine dining

Geneva is home to world-class cuisine, and some of the finest restaurants in Switzerland. From Lebanese to Italian to classic Swiss choices, you can sample food from around the world in a luxurious setting. Along with fine dining, you can try some excellent wines while in the region. Spend a day wine tasting around Geneva, and end at a classy restaurant overlooking Lake Geneva. You’ll never want to go home!

Luxury accommodations

When staying in Geneva, it’s a great time to treat yourself to some luxury accommodations. The hotels here pull out all the stops to make you feel relaxed, pampered and totally taken care of. Many hotels will include spa treatments, fine dining, saunas and jacuzzis so you don’t have to go too far to feel completely comfortable. If this sounds like your idea of a great holiday, click here for your chance to win this dream Geneva holiday for two.


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Caravans – great even when you’re not travelling

If you are an owner of a caravan or thinking about purchasing a caravan then you may find this article quite useful. Once you have used your caravan for your travels you would generally leave it on your drive or in your garage, right?

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 4.52.06 AM

In fact rather than just letting your caravan build up dust, why not put it to good use even when you aren’t travelling around with it!

Make your caravan useful:

-        Extra storage space: when the summer is coming to an end and you have made good use of traveling with your caravan why not use it for extra storage space?  Often we accumulate a lot more things than intended resulting in finding it hard to find storage for everything. Have you ever considered using your caravan to store away all of your summer things? Such as suitcases, inflatables, parasols etc. These are items that you won’t want to store indoors and a caravan would be put to great use if you don’t have a garage available. It also makes sense to store summer items within your caravan as they will be easily accessible for the next time you choose to use your caravan.

-        A hangout space: do you ever want have some time to yourself without being disturbed? Why not use your caravan to chill out in and wind down with your favourite read? You could also use your caravan to escape from a family member or partner when you need a quiet moment to yourself!

-        Extra sleeping space: if you are having a get together but are limited to space in the house then why not have some of your guests sleep in your caravan? This will be extremely handy over the festive season when all the family come to visit.

-        Portable kitchen: if you are going on a day trip then why not bring your caravan along to use the kitchen facilities? You could park up at your favourite spot and make whatever you wish saving yourself money as well as having the choice of what to eat yourself.

-        Transportation: when it comes to the time of having to take a trip down to the tip are you usually limited when it comes to space for transporting your unwanted goods? Why not use your caravan for extra transportation space? You will be able to transport twice the amount as usual which means fewer trips to the tip! You’ll never have to tie anything down to the roof of your car again.

-        Antisocial activities: do you have a hobby that you want to pursue but it could be seen as a nuisance for the rest of the house? How about making music, home brewing or even using your caravan as a work space if you need to stay up later then the rest of the members in your household? Your caravan can be used as your own personal space so that you aren’t an annoyance to others.

If you are going to use your caravan to store valuables, you will want to look into some serious caravan security. The last thing you want is to lose your parasols!


Find the one that’s right for you

The biggest hurdle when thinking about a Grecian holiday, is picking between the thousands of islands. That’s right, thousands. They range from tiny to the continental sized Crete and each island has its own variety of fun. So no matter if you want history, food and sun…you are bound to find plenty of it on one, if not all of the Greek islands.

For the Foodies: Folegandros, Crete and Lesvos


Although many of the Ionian Islands have been invaded by Turkey (the Ottoman Empire) and their food has been merged to become a distinct Greek and Turkish blend. Both Crete and Lesvos are renowned for their olive oils but Lesvos is famous for its Ouzo (I tasted so much of it that I can’t eat liquorice without thinking I’m going to get drunk…it has an aniseedy flavour to it).

Most mediteranean cultures are known for their tapas or appetizers that are shared and enjoyed in a group. Folegandros has a wonderful lobster spaghetti (very creamy and the lobster just melts in your mouth) and Dakos (which I can only really explain as like a savoury biscotti texture with various toppings). GreekIsland-AncientRuinsWhat’s great is that some of the cheapest Greek fish is the best for you having high Omega fatty acids. If you can, have the Kollios which is called Gouna in Lesvos. It is simply grilled with herbs after being sun-dried, you can also have it fried but it takes away the deep flavour. Remember that the smaller taverns serve some of the tastiest fish on these islands.

For the Beach Lovers: Crete, Lipsi and Mykonos


You’d think that you’d be able to pick any Greek island and you’d be bound to find a magnificent stretch of soft sandy shores to suntan your worries away…and you’d be right, so why even compare them? Well, there are some better beaches, sort of varying degrees of splendidness. Crete has a Venetian Castle that would put any sand equivalent to shame on Frangokastello Beach. For a less tourist-tastic beach, head to Lipsi where any one of the beaches is ogle-free and far less crowded than Skiathos. Mykonos, poor Mykonos. This island’s name has been used for many buildings outside Greece that has a remote Greek look about it (Club Mykonos to The Mykonos Casino) but I guess maybe these establishments want to replicate the paradise that is Mykonos, with its own style of decadence and energetic beach parties that will get every lazy beach bum off the sand and partying ‘til the sunrise.

For the History Buffs: Rhodes, Crete and Patmos


Like there is no shortage of beautiful beaches on any of the Greek Islands, the same can be said about the historical jewels embedded in the landscapes. In Rhodes you will find temples to Athena, the Acropolis of Lindos which is partially reconstructed to give you a look back as to how opulent it must have been especially with all the frescoes. Rhodes has an amazing Archaeological Museum housed in a hospital for knights from the 1400’s which houses examples of Hellenistic and 4th-century BC marble figures and the island is home to the Temple of Aphrodite (a place frequented by the loved and the lonely).

Crete is the birthplace of Zeus, agreed upon by the locals. This island has ancient sacrificial caves, Venetian fortresses, palaces, ottoman villages and exhibitions of the Knossos excavations.

Patmos has a smaller historical footprint and is largely Catholic in tradition rather than Greek mythology. It has a number of distinct and magnificent monasteries, such as the Monastery of St. John the Theologian who wrote the Biblical Book of Revelations. It is a mecca for followers of the saint and those interested in the interconnectedness of Catholic and Greek Orthodox practices.


Ferry travel can be fun, island hopping from one exciting adventure to the next but if you’re headed to a single island, I would choose Crete. It’s a bit more central to North Africa, East and Western Europe than the rest of the islands. It also has more frequent flights coming in and departing making the Crete flights more affordable through popular travel agents and charter airlines.

Sometimes it’s better to spend a longer time in fewer places than spending the majority of your trip just rushing through the sites in order to say, “I’ve been there”. Most places need a few days to unleash the magic that maybe only the locals get to witness. Crete and the other Grecian islands offer a new experience every time you step ashore, so it should never feel like a once-off visit but instead feel like you’re visiting family or an old friend.