What Makes Dining in Korea So Distinct


Most often than not, Asian countries are most likel considered a melting pot especially when it comes to food. There’s always a mix and match of western food, to Asian foods that originally came from other countries that was transformed into a new and unique style and presentation, and so on. But likewise, each Asian country also has its own distinction. This goes the same for Korea.

So what is Korea most famous for?
Honestly, it would be so hard to tell for the simple reason that they have a lot to offer. They have soups, noodles, seafoods, vegetables, beef, cakes, you name it. It won’t be hard to find something you like here.

But some factors to look at, is that they are lovers of spicy food. Especially during winter season, spicy foods and soups top their list. Another thing is, they love to mix and match, say beef with vegetables, chicken with rice and egg, among others. Of the famous are their Bulgogi, a mix of thinly-sliced marinated beef with vegetables, and Bibimbap, literally meaning mixed rice, it’s a flavored rice with vegetables, beef and topped with fried egg.


Dining Experience in Korean Restaurants
The true Korean dining experience more immerses us, travellers into the culture of Korea. It moves us away from the typical fast food meals, and even to the fine dining we know of. In Korea, in most restaurants, and for most of the meals, your order will be cooked in front of you. Literally right on your dining table. You have this circular griller at the center of your table and personally watch your meal slowly getting cooked.

cook it on your table!

This is just pretty interesting especially for a first time dining experience in Korea, so you also get to know the story of the food you eat.

Street Food Experience
Just like any other Asian country, the idea is the same, you find carts along the street selling various fried foods (usually) and you either eat it in front of the stall while standing, or walk along, or have it wrapped and take it home. A lot of things you will find are skewered meals, rice cakes, and you even have free soup in some cases. Apart from it being exciting, this is one of the ways you can have inexpensive meals in Korea.

street foods!

But as always, words can never be a good explanantion; it’s always best to experience it first hand and let your palate have the experience!