Throw the perfect kid’s birthday party

It’s one of the big occasions for parents, they want to make sure that their kids enjoys their special day. It’s a special day also for parents because it will bring back all the memories of when their child was born. To make sure that the day goes with out a hitch, everyone is happy and it ‘s a day to remember, we have put together a great list of things to help you along when you start planning.


If you follow these tips then you can rest safe in the knowledge that the birthday boy or girl and all of they friends will be smiling from ear to ear.


So your child has said that you they want to have a birthday part, it’s time to dart thinking about where the location will be. If it’s going to be a big party then with a load of children running around then you will be best off having an outdoor party. The best idea, in our opinion, is to have a smaller party which is much easier to manage. Having the party at home, if you have space, makes things a lot easier because it’s easier to take care of everyone and you know that you will have a private space. If it’s going to be an outdoor party then maybe you will choose the local park or swimming pool – again this is difficult to manage so you might ask a few other parents to help you out. You can of course hire a local hall which will make everything a lot easier and you don’t have to do as much tidying up afterwards!

What’s the theme?

We all know the saying ‘it’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to’ and oh how well do we know how kids love to cry at their own party! So it’s always a very good idea to let the birthday boy or girl decide on the theme for their party. Whatever they choose, from a disney classic to astronauts, you can easily make it happen with a few simple decorations, fancy dress and some themed food. Look out for groupon vouchers which will save you a few pennies if you can use them on costumes.

The activity list

Once you’ve got the theme and numbers you expect at the party you can start drawing up the schedule for the party. It’s better to over prepare than be under prepared. You don’t have to do all of the activities or games you have planned, but it is always better to have something up your sleeve if the kids start to get restless of bored. For most of the time kids are happy to run around and play together, there’s no harm in having the party classics at hand to save the party though!