Renting A Car For Your Next Trip


There is nothing quite like the feeling of renting a car and it really is a great feeling to get out on the open road. Driving your car is simple enough, but driving someone else’s car is another story altogether, therefore you need to know the following tips when renting a car

Choosing the right car

The right car will all depend on you and your needs for your trip, ideally this will be not too big or too small and relatively fuel efficient. Choosing the right car will definitely be more comfortable and cause you less stress on the road, so you really need to think carefully what you need the car for. Extras are also another thing to be aware of, and these are things like a GPS or entertainment system. Most of these things are not that useful, but you need to be realistic and think about your own circumstances. Entertainment systems are great for families on long drives and navigation systems are great for those in places that they are not familiar with.

Checking the car

It is important to check that your car is in good condition before you drive it. There will generally be a damage report that you can refer to for any existing scratches or other issues with the car. It is important to double check this and to take note of any damage that is not on the report, as this may later become your fault! It is also a good idea to check the all season tyres and ensure that they are in good condition. If they aren’t simply request another car!

Take pictures

Another thing to do is to take pictures of the car to ensure that you can prove the condition of the car and this is also useful if you need to prove the distance you have traveled or the amount of fuel that was already in the car.

Read the fine print

This is an important step when thinking about insurance and it is important to know what is included in the deal. If you are unsure ask as many questions as you need, because it is better to be safe than sorry in this case.

Be clear about returning the car

One of the things that affects the cost of your rental car is, of course, the length of time that you rent it for. For example, hours can be the difference between a day or a half day. Therefore it is important to return the car on time or within the time, otherwise you may risk having to pay more for the car. It is also important to understand small things like how much fuel you have already paid for or do you need to fill the car up to full? These are very important because if you don’t follow the rules closely you will need to pay and trust me the fuel is much more expensive when you fill up with the car company at the very end. You may even consider prepaying a tank of fuel so that you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying it in the end.