Luk Chup Marzipan Dessert: Thai Food in Thailand

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The Best Thai Food in Thailand: Luk Chup

One of the things I just had to try when I was in Thailand – apart from all the crickets and locusts – was the amazingly artistic marzipan treat known as ‘Luk Chup’.

This mung bean and marzipan dessert is a simple fusion of ingredients, but the skill required to design these tiny little works of art is rare.  With a long tradition of being served to kings and royalty, Luk Chup remains to be more of a high society treat. 

These little fruit / vegetable imitations fascinate me so much; I can only put it down to the super shiny exterior.  Because the taste itself was in fact a rather disappointing when it came down to it.  Made from mung beans, sugar, coconut cream, gelatine and food colouring, the flavour was miserably bland and the texture was gritty. 

But I would still have Luk Chup again – simply because it looks so amazing.  Despite the fact that I know exactly how it tastes, my mouth is watering just at the sight of the vibrant colours and shiny gelatine glaze. 

Luk Chup Marzipan Dessert Thai Food in Thailand
Luk Chup, the best Thai food in Thailand!