How to Spend New Year’s Eve in London

The night between the nights, when we stay awake for the rest of the year (easier than it sounds) partying, feeling good and preparing for a new beginning – this is what New Year’s Eve is about. One of the most spectacular things to happen on this night is the traditional fireworks display in London – turning the Eye into a ring of fire, and painting the dark skies about the British capital into a canvas filled with smoke and light. But there’s more to New Year’s Eve than just a fireworks display at midnight. Here are some tips on what else you can do while waiting for the new year to begin.


It’s always a good idea to spend the last few hours of the year laughing – all’s well that ends well, the Swan said, and I tend to agree with him. When you’re tired of walking around, playing mobile casino games in the New Year’s whirlabout you can attend a series of events that will let the wild laughter stuck inside you finalle erupt.

London will have several events on the last evening of the year that will make you laugh. Angel Comedy, unlike many other venues, will hold a free performance of comedians like Alistair Williams, Nick Dixon, Alasdair Beckett-King, Sunil Patel, Nick Elleray and Masud Milas. Bill Bailey will be at Limboland, the Comedy Store will have two shows with performers like Mike Gunn and Pete Johansson, and The Covent Garden Comedy Club will greet the new year at Heaven.

Sights to see

Parties, parties all over the place. But what if you need something more deep, thoughtful or educational for the night? Well, you can choose from a number of venues that will stay open on New Year’s Eve, making it as memorable as it can be. And you still have enough time to party later, right?

The British Museum will stay open for New Year’s Eve, and so will the Churchill War Rooms, if you feel like absorbing a bit of World War history. You can visit the Hampton Court Palace on this day, the Kew Palace or even the Zoo, for that matter, having fun with its amazing animals to end the year right.

When the night (and the year) is over

While many will greet the New Year with hangovers, there are alternatives to choose from. One of them is the New Year’s Day Parade, guaranteed to get you in the mood for the first parties of the year. Next year’s Parade will be the thirtieth, celebrating with over 8,000 performers from 20 countries of the world – dancers, acrobats, clowns and floats marching, dancing, playing loud music and greeting the new year with a lot of joy.