Bali For The Whole Family

Bali is the perfect destination for an amazing and unforgettable holiday, and the whole family will literally be spoiled for choice since there is so much on offer! The folks in Bali also love kids and they will slather them with attention while engaging them in exciting activities, so there’s no doubt that your children will love the island.

The kids can have fun while engaging in activities, like making kites and painting Balinese masks. The whole family will definitely be enchanted by the surrounding entertainment, from noisy festivals to amazingly picturesque underwater sceneries, and even beautiful nature parks. From Kuta and Ubud to Ssanur and Lovina, let’s take a look at some of the best parts of Bali for the whole family.


Most visitors to Bali usually begin their holidays in Kuta before exploring other attractions on the Island. There is no shortage of fun things for the whole family to do, and aside from the throngs of other tourists here, most visitors find it very exciting. You can enjoy some great Italian cuisine and buy cheap souvenirs everywhere you look, however the best excitement in Kuta is centered at the beach.

The kids can fly kites or just play in the sand while those in need of some adrenaline can engage in body boarding or surfing. For some water sports, a visit to the nearby Waterbom Park is an attractive option.


Ubud is Bali’s cultural and arts center and it’s perfect if you want to enjoy quiet time away from the busier beaches. It boasts of several venues that offer nightly shows of various traditional Balinese performances, and most of the venues are kid friendly and set in relaxing outdoor environments.

A visit to the nearby Monkey Forest Sanctuary will provide the kids with great excitement as they get to feed the monkeys with bananas. Many other great nature trails can also be explored around Ubud and you can easily rent mountain bikes for easier exploration. You can also take time to visit the Elephant Safari Park and enjoy a 30-minute elephant ride around the park.


Sanur boasts of the most child-friendly beach in Bali. Protected by a reef, the waters on the shore are calm most of the time and this makes it a good place to play around with the kids. It also has a string of nice shops and restaurants close to the beach and it’s a great place for taking a relaxing evening walk.

You can also visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park, which is just one hour drive from Sanur, and your family can enjoy elephant rides or watch the animals in the park during feeding time. The park also has other animals like monkeys, tigers, commodore dragons, and a rich birdlife.


Lovina is another nice place for the whole family to relax. It is located to the north of the island away from the popular beach attractions in the south, so you should go there with your own entertainment like kites, books, and games. The beach is also protected by a coral reef, which makes it a perfect swimming place for children.

Aside from normal beach activities such as snorkeling and swimming, the most exciting attraction here is taking a dolphin tour. Dolphin tours are offered by most resorts in Lovina and they start early in the morning. Visitors will be taken into the deep sea to see these intelligent and magnificent creatures.

Family holidays can be hectic and expensive. Be sure to get write everything down so you don’t forget anything. Buy travel insurance as a family to save money.

Wherever you plan to go in Bali I’m sure you and your family will have a great time and will make family or friends at home very jealous!