An Overseas Checklist


Ever get that sinking feeling, just before you shut the door behind you as you leave for a vacation abroad? Just go through this checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything that you’ll need for your travels:


1.   Visa or Passport

When traveling overseas, it is imperative to check whether or not you need a visa for entrance into your destination country or if your passport will do. The requirements for each country are different; for some countries you don’t need anything, for some you will need a certain amount of empty pages in you passport, for others you will need a visa and for some countries you will even need an invitation to enter. Be sure to check this information before your trip, it’s crucial!


2.   Prescriptions and Immunizations

Before traveling abroad, make sure that you have enough of your daily prescriptions to last you while you are gone and that you have received whatever immunizations are necessary for entering your country of choice. Visiting your family doctor before leaving, can speed up the process. He will be able to contact your insurance to get all of your prescriptions in advance and can give you your shots.


3.   Travelers Insurance

Speaking of insurance, many people choose to buy travelers insurance before an extended trip. This insurance is typically inexpensive and can save you boatloads in medical bills once you get abroad. If your insurance won’t pay, there are other companies that can help you out such as, these law services have experience getting compensation for accidents abroad.


4.   The Proper Attire

While you may be focused on impressing the masses with your flawless style abroad, high heels are not adequate for typical tourism. Make sure that you have packed comfortable walking shoes, jackets for different types of weather and something that you can put on if it gets rainy. A hat is always a good choice too!


5.   Major International Credit Card

Paying for things using credit cards can be a huge hassle in other countries, plus there are huge withdrawal fees if you are using a card other than a major international brand. To be on the safe side when traveling, use American Express, Diners or Visa/Mastercard. Better yet (and bringing us to the next item) use cash!


6.   Money to Exchange or Foreign Currency

When you arrive in a foreign land, you’re going to need a way to get from the airport/train station what have you, to the place you’re staying. It is smart to have already picked up some foreign currency from the bank before leaving but if you couldn’t do that, then bring some cash with you that you can exchange at a money exchange booth. Nothing is more annoying than paying to take money out of an ATM and then paying more money to exchange it for another countries currency.



Other thinks you should probably include: Voltage converters for foreign outlets, copies of all of your travel documents, your drivers license, a medical/allergy card, a list of common phrases or a foreign language dictionary, all of your chargers and a good spirit for traveling!