A dose of winter sun is just what you need

gran canaria

When the days get short and the weather gets cold, you know you’re in for the long haul. Spring is by no means just around the corner – it’s a long time until we’ll be seeing daffodils bursting into life.

gran canaria

One way to break up the winter is to book in a week of sunshine. Half of the pleasure is in the anticipation. If you know you’ve got a week’s break from the gloom of winter coming up in February, say, then you can start to count down towards it, and by the time you get back you’ll be on a high for a week or two, and then only have a few weeks of winter left before the start of spring.

The trouble with winter sun is that you sometimes have to go a long way to find it, and if you only have a week to spare, you don’t really want to go on a long haul flight.

No surprise then, that more and more people are discovering the joys of the Canary Islands – only a few hours’ flight away but more or less guaranteed warm and sunny weather, even in the depths of the UK winter.

You may not have ever considered going to the Canaries, but these Spanish islands off the north-west coast of Africa have plenty to offer tourists – young and old, in groups or with families. The main industry of the Canaries is tourism, so you’ll always get a warm welcome, and as well as beautiful beaches the inland of each of the islands is well worth exploring.

To find out the best deals for holidays Spain Lanzarote, all you need to do is a quick internet search and you’ll come up with a range of options, many of which have an appealing low price ticket attached to them.

You never know, your first trip to the Canaries may be the beginning of an annual winter tradition in your household.