5 Sights Off the Beaten Path in Paris


Want to have a great, memorable experience in Paris but hate the idea of waiting in endless lines to see the Mona Lisa, Notre Dame and typical Paris sights? While you surely can’t miss a trip to the Louvre or one of the Eiffel tower tours, make sure to also fit in these activities off the beaten tourist track:

Climb the Tour de Montparnasse

It may not be the most beautiful building in the city…in fact, many people would call it the ugliest! But climbing to the top of Paris’ largest skyscraper has 2 advantages: you don’t have to see the building itself, and you’re granted one of the best cityscapes of anywhere in the city.

i love you

Find the “I Love You Wall”

If you’re anything like most travelers, you’re all about activities that cost little or nothing. You’ll be spending enough on other Paris attractions tickets that a few freebies are sure to be welcomed. The “I Love You Wall” in Montmarte is an adorable tribute to the world’s most romantic city. The artists who created the wall chose 311 written samples of love quotes and put them on blue glazed tiles to make up the wall.

Eat at Paris’ Oldest Restaurant

It must be mentioned that part of a Paris holiday is enjoying true French cuisine in French atmosphere, so where better to do that than at the oldest restaurant in the city? Le Procope was originally opened as a gentleman’s establishment in 1686, and today it serves classic bistrot fare in a lovely atmosphere. Reservations are best if you’d like to eat dinner, but if atmosphere is what you’re after you can simply pop in for an afternoon coffee.

Check out the Orangerie Museum

Everyone knows that as far as museums go, the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay are tops. But as far as avoiding crowds go, you might want to check out some of the city’s smaller museums. The Orangerie has got an impressive collection of Impressionist works along with 8 large Monet water lily paintings. It’s located in the beautiful Tuileries gardens so you can enjoy a walk before or after the museum.

Get Lost in the Latin Quarter

Spend half a day without a plan, and simply wander through the Latin Quarter. You’ll find yourself in a maze of charming alleys and café-lined squares just far enough from the touristy areas to feel like you’re a real local. Grab a baguette and ball of cheese from a local shop, find a street bench and watch the Parisian world go by with a typical French lunch.